Swedish Smorgasbord December 5, 2016


MONDAY, DEC 5, 2016

This year’s Swedish Smorgasbord was held at the newly decorated Hillcrest Country Club at 96th and O Street.  An exciting program included the Norden Club choir and a Santa Lucia pageant.

20161205_171722 20161205_172104

The table settings and decorating were Festive

The serving line had a good selection of Swedish food

20161205_171909 20161205_171855 20161205_171824 20161205_171824

The Silent Auction was loaded with goodies to bid on.  Some were new and some were priceless antiques.

The Santa Lucia pageant incuded Violet Widner and her court.

our-lucia violet-widnerlucia-parade

The Choir sang several songs and Gordon Youngquist sang one in Swedish

Officers for 2017 were installed

The Norden Club Board of Directors and some members presented outgoing president Phyllis Ericson a beautiful plaque to recognizer her hard work for the past three years as president.