About Us

The Norden Club of Lincoln

The purpose of the Norden Club of Lincoln is to promote fellowship among Scandinavian-Americans and their descendants, and to help preserve for the benefit of the United States the best in the cultural heritage of Scandinavia.

Norden Club was first inspired by University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Reuben Gustavson and other University professors.  In 1947, charter members comprised of community leaders first met to organize this club, named the Norden Club of Lincoln, an amalgam of the Nordic countries from which their heritage came.

The four annual dinner meetings of the Norden Club are on the third Monday of March, May, and September along with a Smorgasbord early in December.  The March, May, and September meetings are held at First Lutheran Church at 1551 South 70th St in Lincoln, NE.  The fourth meeting is our annual smorgasbord.

Officers of our club are President: Ted Ericson, Vice President: Vacant, Secretary: Sandy Hansen, Treasurer: Ron Nielsen, Membership: Kendra and Ken Hartwig, and Past President: Del Stites.

We encourage anyone interested in Scandinavian Heritage to join our club.  Annual membership dues are $20 for individuals and $30 for couples/families.  Membership reduces the price of the meals at our quarterly meetings and Smorgasbord and gives you access to our quarterly newsletter.

In addition to the club, there is a Norden Club of Lincoln Foundation.  The purpose of the Foundation is to provide financial support through scholarships and grants-in-aid to study, preserve, or promote Scandinavian culture.